Bungee is an audio speed and pitch manipulation technology
Audiophile quality
Runs anywhere
Effortless real time

Native Code

Bungee Pro is a commercial library available for all common ABIs.

  • Seamless support of all timestretch ratios including zero and negative playback speeds.
  • AI and expert-developed algorithms for preservation of transients, tones and timbre.
  • Designed for performance with SIMD and other optimisations to achieve many times faster than real-time processing and low energy consumption.

Web Assembly

Bungee Web leverages AudioWorklet and Wasm SIMD128 to bring the full power of Bungee Pro to websites and webapps.

  • Supported by all major browsers and webviews.
  • Designed to minimise browser overhead and interruptions to audio output.

Open Source

Foundational API Bungee is published as a C++ source code-library with a permissive license.

Bungee provides a simple phase vocoder implementation to achieve good results with low code complexity.